How To Save Battery Life on iOS 13 (Latest Tips- 2019)

iPhone is definitely one of the strongest smartphones out there but the strongest doesn’t come for free! Of course, it does cost money, but at the same time, the battery is something that too gets affected a lot due to the high number of features that promote the strongest part of the device.

iOS devices are known for a lot of battery issues and this has somewhat made their name go bad in the market. Some people think that having the latest and updated iOS version would ascertain that their iPhone is free of the major issues, but the reality is that this is not true in all the cases. When we talk about the overall functionality of the device, your tweaks and settings play a major role. Believe it or not but wrong tweaks are one of the major reasons for unwanted battery drain even in iOS 13.

In this article, we will be sharing with you a few tips, tweaks and tricks that you can implement to save up on your battery life. Some of these tips are quite easy to perform whereas some require a little technicality, but if you are someone who has been using iPhone for quite some time then you won’t have major issues in implementing them.

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7 Best Tips To Save Up On iPhone iOS 13 Battery Life:

The first and foremost thing to determine is to check the source that’s consuming the battery on your device. For this, follow the sequence, Settings>> Battery>> Tap on last 24 hours or last 8 days and you will be able to analyze which services are causing most of the battery drainage. The services that are in no more use or you don’t need them, they can be struck off from the list. Now, let’s head down to the tips:

1) Restart Your Device

Let’s start off with something very basic and most commonly used trick across various devices. Even today, whenever we come across unexpected errors or the errors that can’t be solved on our own in Windows PC, we just restart the device to fix the issue. So why not use this same trick for iPhone? After all, the iPhone is also in a way a computer only! This trick doesn’t guarantee much success but what’s the harm in trying it once, it’s just a matter of a few seconds!

2) Force Quit Apps

If you are someone who loves to try apps, then we are sure that you would be using a good number of apps on a regular basis. But the question arises is how many apps are actually closed down once your task has been finished? This is said to be one of the most common and popular reasons held for the battery drainage in your device.

To close the apps, double press on the home button, and swipe up on your app card to close.

3) Try To Use Automatic Dark Mode

At night time, the dark mode can not only be a treat for your lovely eyes but at the same time it can save up a lot of battery life which wouldn’t have been saved in case of light mode. As a user, you also have freedom in customization of the dark mode and this can help in attaining more battery life.

To initiate dark mode, follow the sequence, Settings>> Display & Brightness>> Dark Mode.

4) Try To Avoid Raise to Wake

Many points can be somewhat subjective but this trick we personally say is definitely subjective in nature. The Raise to Wake is a handy feature of iPhone that can allow you to view notifications right on your lock screen. But every time when you pick up your device to check for notifications on your lock screen, the battery would get consumed.

To disable this feature, follow the sequence, Settings>> Display & Brightness>> Toggle off Raise to Wake.

5) Don’t Allow Notifications From Every App & Service

The app notifications can turn out to be a distraction while you are sleeping or sitting in a meeting. Every app notification isn’t a waste of time, as there would definitely be some services out there which would be somehow important to you. You definitely can’t ignore them but yes you can for sure avoid the ones that are appearing once in a while or add no value to your life.

By disabling notifications from useless apps you will end up saving a lot of battery. Anyways, to avoid notifications from some apps, follow the sequence, Settings>> Notifications>> Select any app>> Say Facetime>> toggle ON Allow Notifications.

On the other side, if you would like to stop all app notifications from reaching the control panel of your device, then you can follow the sequence, Settings>> Notifications>> Show Previews>> Select Never.

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6) Don’t Forget About Display & Brightness

In all these major aspects, people at times forget to keep an eye on the small and daily things like display and brightness. The good part is that there are multiple ways through which you can tweak or make changes in display and brightness. One of the already discussed ways is by disabling Raise to Wake. Also, try to maintain the Auto-Lock feature within one minute only.

Try to make sure that the brightness doesn’t go much high and is under expected and general limits only. The general setting to adjust the brightness is by selecting the Settings app and then choosing Display & Brightness option by scrolling a bit. Now, you can adjust the brightness as per your convenience. Just try not to make it full all the time!

7) Reset Your Whole Settings

If none of the above tips has seemed to work out for you for whatsoever reason, then you can try to reset all settings of your iPhone. Once you perform this process, your device settings would return back to normal or in other words, the way it was in the starting of the update.

To perform the procedure, follow the sequence, Settings>> General>> Reset>> Reset All Settings. The final step is to just click on the confirmation option and that should give an end to the whole process. It won’t affect the normal data of your iPhone in any way, all it does is just resets the system settings to its normal mode. After this, you can again try following the above tips to see if they work for you now or not!

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We hope that these tips proved helpful in saving up your device’s battery life on iOS 13. If you have got some other exciting tweaks or tricks (to save battery life) that you would like to share with others, then hit us with a comment below.

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