How to Remove Location Data from Photos and Videos in iOS 13

Any image or video that has been captured through an iOS device will contain essential information or data like the location where the media was  taken, size, timing, camera details, to name a few and all this comes under something known as metadata. Not only us, but many others too personally feel that metadata is a useful feature as it helps in categorization of your media library (photos and videos) based on the place or certain date, month or year.

But on the other side, this same feature can become a little risky for your privacy as with the help of geolocation coordinates tagged in the EXIF data of a media, any person can use their photos app and trace out your whereabouts which we feel isn’t the right thing at all.

Apple had been listening down to a lot of user suggestions and recommendations all this while and based on all the collected data, they have doubled the privacy and security in their new iOS version (13). One great and new security feature that you should definitely lookout for is the option for the removal of the geotags from the image.

Earlier also there were ways through which the geotags could be wiped out completely but the earlier version methods were a bit complicated but in iOS 13, a lot of aspects have been a lot simplified. Let’s take a look at how you can share your photos and videos on different social media platforms without revealing your location.

Remove Location Data from Photos and Videos in Your iPhone by Following these steps:

1) Open up your iOS device and head to the official Photos app.

Remove Location Data from Photos and Videos

2) At this stage, we will be selecting the media that we would like to share on some platform. For sharing of a single file, all you have to do is, select it and choose the share button. But on the other side, if you would like to share a group of photos or videos then you would have to choose select at the top right corner and then choose the ones that you would like to share. Once the selection part has been completed, click on the Share button.

Remove Location Data from Photos and Videos

3) Once you are on the share page, click on Options, which would be just next to the location where you would have captured your media.

Remove Location Data from Photos and Videos

4) Toggle the location option and ascertain that it goes off.

Remove Location Data from Photos and Videos

5) Give an end to the process by giving a tap on done.

In Regards To…

Privacy is the major concern of the people that are a part of this digital revolution era. At the end of the day, we all are somewhere or the other aware of the fact that privacy is a myth but just for the assurance to our inner self as we don’t know the exact scene, we can just take certain steps or measures to keep ourselves safe and secure. Other than the official method of the iOS 13, there are some other third party services too that can help you in removing your geotags from your media. Also, if you use the official feature that has been mentioned above then don’t forget to do it for every photo that you decide to share. That being said, it’s time to wind up the article.

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