How to Import Health Data on New iPhone (iOS) – iPhone Android Tips

What is a health app on the iPhone?

Health app is an amazing app that measures the activities related to your health like daily activity, mindfulness, Nutrition, Sleep. This all includes your daily routine and also your body measurements. The Apple health app stores our health status on a daily bases. This app is best for those people who are very much conscious about there health and like to maintain it. Through this app, we can easily measure all the steps like how many we walked in a day? and How much we calories burn on a particular day. It makes the full day by day chart.

This app store all the data of months and years. But many people face an issue where they have to change there phone and they want to export all the data on their new device. So today we are going to talk about the Import and Export health data to new iphone.

How to Export Health app Data on other iPhone?

  • Open health app on your device with a pink heart logo.

  • You’ll find four options given below in the app:
  1. Today
  2. Health Record
  3. Sources
  4. Medical ID

  • Click on Health Record.
  • Now click on the Users Icon (pink clour) on the upper right corner.
  • Click on ”Export health data” at the end.

  • Now they will ask that are you sure that you want to export your data?

  • If sure Tap Export.
  • Wait for a few seconds.

  • Now you’ll get multiple options where you want to expert (mail, Whatsapp, messenger, or available apps) or you can copy it or save to files.

How to Import Health app data in your iPhone.

  • Open health app on your iPhone or Ipad.

  • Fill the basic profile of yours.

  • Now open App store
  • Search Health data Importer, it’ll cost you $6.

  • Download it.
  • Now import all the data.

How to Back up your health data with an encrypted iTunes backup?

  • First, Attach your iPhone to your pc or laptop.
  • Attach it through USB.
  • Open iTunes in your Pc or laptop.
  • Now click at tab bar.
  • Above you’ll find the device icon.
  • Now click the summary which is in the middle left.
  • Tap on the checkbox.
  • It’ll back up all your data and then restore it to your new device.

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