How to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile on Android or iPhone [New Tricks – 2019]

During PUBG gameplay, have you ever tried to pick up some item and saw that the animation of picking up was initiated but the item didn’t get inside your bag? Have you ever tried to run from one place to another but after a few seconds realized that you were there only from where you actually started running? If you have experienced these situations or something on these lines then definitely you are facing the problem of ping.

There’s no doubt that PUBG is one of the most popular and respected games in the gaming industry, which has amazing game servers, but in spite of all this, at times, players face the issue of higher pings which just makes it quite impossible to enjoy the game. Even if you are on a high-speed Internet connection, you can come across your pings reaching above 100ms.

Keeping all the above points in mind, we decided to hunt up for the best solutions for the ping issues and to your surprise, we were able to collect a few solutions which can help you to fix ping in PUBG mobile. The below methods are quite straightforward and simple, which should cater easily to most of the devices out there.

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7 Easy Way to Fix Ping in PUBG Mobile on Android or iPhone:

1) Adjusting WiFi Settings

It’s not advisable to interfere with the much inside and technical system settings but at times when things don’t go right then, you have to perform few adjustments here and there. Anyways, if you are running on a stable WiFi connection and are still experiencing higher pings in the game then you will have to interfere a bit with the WiFi settings and for that follow, Settings>>WiFi>>Advanced/Additional Settings.

Now, once you are on the advanced or additional settings page, checkout for the Traffic mode and convert it into Extreme mode. After this, the whole network resources would automatically be diverted towards the current app which will help you to lower down your pings.

2) Try Changing The Servers

PUBG is quite a fairly popular game and that’s why it’s bound to face heavy load and due to this, at times, the servers can’t match up with the multiple requests, leading to higher ping rates. To avoid this, you can simply try switching to a different server altogether, and see if the ping goes down below 100. Another option that you can try is to use a good and Trusted VPN and then try to connect to a server, and with this, you may not face the issues anymore.

3) Use Game Boosters

Lately, the companies have started to understand the importance of gaming and that’s why in most of the latest smartphone devices out there, you will come across inbuilt game boosters. In simple and straightforward words, the game boosters deal with the background stuff to enhance the gameplay.

They optimize the device performance, lower the latency and settle the bandwidth for your running game. Believe it or not, but these are worth the shot, as they will help in controlling the background items and lowering down ping on PUBG mobile.

4) Repair PUBG

This may sound a bit absurd to some but if for some reason, the above methods don’t seem to work out for you then you will have to repair PUBG using the inbuilt settings. For that, open the PUBG game and once you land up on the login screen, you will come across the Repair button, just click on it and it will Reinstall PUBG right from zero.

It’s important to note that in this whole process, your preset custom controls and game configurations would all be wiped off completely. But, we are sure that you can sacrifice this much (one time sacrifice), for the greater good of saying forever goodbye to higher pings.

5) Get Rid of Low Space

Believe it or not, but storage space is a factor which definitely affects games like PUBG. If you are running on low storage, then make sure that you get rid of the space constraints as soon as possible by cleaning up your device as then only you can expect some smooth gameplay.

Without us being aware, a lot of less frequently used or unused apps keep running in the background and start accumulating GBs of cache, which creates a lot of memory issues in the device. To fix this issue, you can head to the Apps section right from your settings and from there you can clear the cache memory of the apps that are very less used. If storage had been the main cause of your higher pings then it should get fixed after this method.

6) Switch To Airplane Mode

Alright, this is more like a short trick that may or may not work out for everyone. In this trick, we will switch to Airplane mode and the reason behind this is to reset the network. Once you have turned on the Airplane mode, the network access in the device gets restricted which ultimately results in the blockage of all the network activities.

The trick will be applied in the middle of your PUBG gameplay. All you have to do is just swipe down the notification panel and turn on Airplane mode. You will have to keep it like this for ten seconds and after that, you can reverse the action. Hopefully, this should resolve your ping issue immediately!

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7) Use of Third-Party Tools

If none of the above common methods seems to work out for you then we think that your only last hope is third-party tools. There’s an app, named, Mobile Gaming Ping which can help you to reduce the latency. It’s a one-tap app by which you can immediately improve your server-client connection.

Another fairly used third party app is GFX Tool. It’s more of a diverse game-enhancing app but in our case, it will help us to lower the ping. In the app, you will have to tweak some settings for effective results. For every device or version, there may be different settings, so we recommend you to perform a quick Google search for your specifications.

In Regards To…

We hope that this article would have helped you to solve the ping issue in PUBG Mobile. Our aim was to present a variety of methods so if one doesn’t work out for some reason then a user can definitely try out the next method. Plus, these were some of the most common methods that have been tried and tested personally by our team.

Upon seeing the positive results, then only we decided to include them in the list. If the article helped you then share it with your friends and also if you have any other solution in your mind that you think can benefit our readers in solving the ping issue then you can comment down below.

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