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Are you running on a low data plan? Do you want to effectively save and utilize your data? If you even noted once to any of the question then it’s time to try the new iOS 13 feature, low data mode which will help you to reduce data usage on your iPhone. The low data mode was actually a sort of part of the low power mode but now it’s available as a full and fledged different feature.

There are times when I have sufficient data left for usage but to my surprise, after some hours the huge amount of data that I had saved up for later usage, doesn’t seem to be seen anywhere. At these moments, I just sit and wonder what could be the reason that leads to the sudden vanishing of my cellular data bandwidth.

After some research, I came across the fact that factors like location tracking, background downloading, to name a few are the main causes of unexpected data consumption. For me and the others who have faced similar situations, the low power mode feature actually came as one of the greatest gifts.

How does the Low Data Mode work?

It directly disables the background unnecessary tasks that can eat up your precious data. Basically all the non-urgent syncs and automatic updates, are postponed until you aren’t connected to a network that has low data mode turned off. In this process, even your system tasks and apps like Photos app, stop their backup process.

The feature isn’t limited only to your cellular network, instead, the limits can be specified even for the WiFi networks that you choose to connect with, and we feel this is an important thing for those who aren’t on an unlimited WiFi subscription pack.

The best part of all is that, in your day to day activities, you won’t see much of a difference as the effect is on the tasks that are carried out in the background and before this also, you as a normal user, wouldn’t be aware of most of the background processes, which is quite a normal thing.

Due to this feature, a lot of tasks would easily get queued up and if anywhere you feel that some task needs to be completed in any manner on time then you can manually resume it.

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How To Enable Low Data Mode For Cellular Network?

1) Open “Settings” on your iPhone.

2) Click on “Mobile Data”.

3) Now, look out for “Mobile Data Options” and click on it!

4) On the loaded page, you will find Low Data Mode option, just turn it on by swiping the button to the right side.

Video Tutorial:

How to enable Low Data Mode for a Wi-Fi network?

1) Open “Settings” on your iPhone

2) Click on “WiFi”

3) The network that you are connected to would be available in on the top and ascertain that it’s the same in which you would want to fiddle with the settings.

4) Select the network that you connected to.

5) If you would have clicked on the right place then you should now be on the WiFi settings page of that specific network.

6) On the same settings page, you can find the option of Low Data Mode, just toggle it to the right for the positive results.

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Video Tutorial:

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We agree that you will have to sacrifice something for the greater good of saving up your valuable data. iOS came fairly a lot after with the feature, but finally, after a lot of demand, we now have the low data mode feature officially with us. If the article helped you, then share it on different social media platforms and also if you have any doubts, suggestions, etc then throw it down in the comments box.

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