After Huawei’s Android Ban, Could OnePlus Be Next?

We all know about one plus smartphones, as from many times they had reached their status at second most selling phones. And loved by all of us. But there is the saddest news for One plus users that Google is going to ban the most used phone ”One plus”.Is it true or not? Let’s take a look.

Have you heard about the banned news of Huawei device? Well if yes, then you are also aware of the recent news that after Huawei ban there is a chance that One pls would is the next one. Well, this is big news for One plus users. There is a mystery behind the ban of Huawei phones and there are not any surety for the ban of one plus. As from our survey, we find out this is the most shocking news of nowadays and Many have questions about what would be the reason for the banning of One Plus smartphone? Well, it is also a Chinese manufacturer like ”Huawei” and Huawei has faced many consequences because of its products and ended up banned and now there are chances of One plus phones as well.

What would be the cause reasons for banning One plus?

Here we are assuming the reasons that could ban One plus as there is no surety of its ban but there could be chances after viewing the results of Huawei

The first assumption is that its reason would be because it’s also a ”Chinese brand” like Huawei. We all know that cheese companies products are very famous for its bad factors and many of problems are faced by the Huawei device and it’s also believed that as one plus is also a Chinese company product so maybe it can also affect the reputation of the One pls. As we don’t have heard any problem regarding One plus device like Huawei.

The reason behind the ban of Huaiew was that it had relation relations between the Chinese giant Huawei, Iran, and Syria, which was not good and One plus is by its own.

The main cause reason of Huawei ban was that it was using its own chip in their smartphones rather than any American companies and there were the chances that the Chinese chips can cause harm to the people and may not safe for the users, But one plus don’t share the same thing as it uses the well-known chip of American company ”Chip maker Qualcomm”.  And also believe that it’ll not cause harm to anyone as it’s secure and safe which creates the less cause of its ban. As it’s safe and secure then Huawei.

Will One plus ban or not?

No, of course not.

As we have read and compared the advantage and disadvantage of Huawei and smartphone and find out they both are very much different from each other and the reasons behind the ban of Huawei was because of its safety reasons were as One plus has clear all the challenges regarding safety and many more. So, if you are worried about it’s ban then you don’t have to. One plus is Not going to ban as its safe and if you have or thing to buy One plus then buy its as don’t worry about  it its all safe to use

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